Define Your Retirement Dreams

Planning Your Financial Future:  Thinking about Tomorrow, Today

Goal-Based and Strategy-Driven Retirement Planning Services

Our world has changed significantly just as so many approach the cusp of retirement or begin to live in retirement. 

Whether you’re building your retirement investments or positioning them for future income, we can help you prepare for retirement, and reduce the key risks you may face in retirement.  We believe it’s important to get a second opinion or review your plan and strategies in place in order to adjust or create the financial plan for retirement that best meets your unique situation amidst these disruptive changes we are all experiencing. 

It’s important to KNOW YOUR OPTIONS.

If you’re wondering where will your retirement money come from and how much can you expect from your qualified retirement plan, Social Security and your personal savings and investments – you’re not alone.

If you are close to retirement or are in retirement, whether you are just starting to plan or you have done some retirement planning already, now is the time to get a second opinion or to begin planning seriously for your retirement.  We are here to help you!

 Retirement and Income Planning

How you handle your financial affairs today will influence what you can do tomorrow.

We advise, guide and help individuals and couples create personalized retirement plans, and we review and help our clients re-assess, as our world changes the over-all risk management of both the accumulation/investment plan and the income distribution plan that is essential in retirement. 

You may benefit from a no-cost Retirement Plan review available with Shari Hopkins, CFP®, Wealth Advisor

During your planning session, Shari will help you determine your goals, develop or evaluate your current plan, and recommend for you a personalized strategy.  We invite you to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you pursue your financial goals.

  • Establish and prioritize your Goals – Needs – and Dreams
  • Risk tolerance assessment
  • Review of current investments and portfolio risk based on your plan
  • Asset Allocation and portfolio design
  • Risk review for income, life and Legacy
  • Recommendations for your retirement planning strategies